Guinea Pig House 3 Hamster cabins


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Safe Material: Our hamster house is made of high quality eco-friendly wood, flat and solid, not easy to break, safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, healthy and durable. Compared with other toys of the same type, our products are stronger and less susceptible to damage. Each board is carefully polished, smooth and burr-free, and will not scratch your pet.
【Easy to install】 In the package, we offer installation instructions. You can install it according to the picture prompts, only attach the board to the appropriate gear. After tightening, it can be used. Our guinea pig house is assembled from multiple boards, so no glue or nails are needed.
Flexible design: the hamster apartment box offers our furry friend a spacious nap.  which increases the fun of the game, and you can always keep an eye on its safety.
Multi-function: The corner house can decorate your rodent’s cage. This wooden house serves as a habitat


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