5pcs Parrot Cage Hamster Toys


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Are you looking for toys for your pet hamster? This item is right for you.  These wooden toys give your little rodent the perfect opportunity to play and practice.

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– Coffee color.
– Material: Wood.
– Cotton rope length: 17cm/6.69inch.
– Barbell size: 6X4.00X4.00 cm / 2.36X1.57X1.57 inch.
– Ball Barbell size: 9.00X4.00X4.00 cm / 3.54X1.57X1.57 inch.
– Platform size: 6X6X1cm / 2.36X2.36X0.39 inch.
– Single roll size: 9.00X4.00X4.00 cm / 3.54X1.57X1.57 inch.
– Made of , eco-friendly and durable.
– Keeping them healthy and active and helping them manage the environment in a fun way is one way to love them.
– These bite-resistant molar toys ensure the healthy growth of little animal teeth, take care of your favorite of all.


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